Thursday, September 18, 2008


check it out yo! &

There are some incredibly awesome tools and links from this little articles here.

Mostly,,, and yahoo pipes.

With this you can completely super organize your online intake. For instance, build an rss feed out of some sites with dapper - send 'em through aiderss to get the best content from them (what other people have been tagging and making popular) , and then sort from that feed with yahoo pipes and mash them into one feed then put it all in feedburner to create a nice clean mega-feed everyone can subscribe too.

Poo poo, while you're at it might as well have it autoupdate your twitter account w/ all the cool stuff you found using twitterfeed.

And then if you really don't give a flying chuck, make sure that you use friendfeed to autoupdate all of your social sites everytime that your feed hits your twitter.

Then everyone will be super duper connected - and they can use this technique to filter stuff from you.


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